A miracle happened in the universe, this thing turned out to be 7 times faster than light!


A miracle happened in the universe, this thing turned out to be 7 times faster than light!

A miracle happened in the universe, this thing turned out to be 7 times faster than light!

space There is no limit to miracles! Whenever you look at space, you will come to know about many secrets hidden inside it. For centuries, the scientists of the Earth have been trying to understand this space and to understand it, many scientists have given us different theories. Centuries ago Einstein Ji had put forth a very big theory regarding Jet Traveling 7 times Speed ​​of light, which we have been believing to be true even today. But if I say that, this may not be true.

Cosmic Jets. , Credit: NRAO

Physics It is said that, no object can stand in front of the speed of light (Jet Traveling 7 times Speed ​​of light). That is to say, nothing else can go into this universe at the speed of light. Although According to the theory, it can be traveled at a speed greater than the speed of light, but in reality it is almost impossible to do. So scientists call the speed of light universe I believe the most and by its mathematics, the distance in space is also estimated. So in a sense, it is not possible for us to go faster than the speed of light.

Friends! In today’s article, we will learn about such a thing, which may even beat the speed of light. Yes, this thing is a very rare and special thing, about which scientists have found out recently. So, let us now know about this thing by starting the article.

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This thing breaking the laws of physics! – Jet Traveling 7 times Speed ​​of light! ,

Recently there has been a very powerful collision in distant space, which has happened between two very massive stars. According to scientists, after the collision, some particles are traveling so fast out and into space that their speed has exceeded even the speed of light (Jet Traveling 7 times Speed ​​of light). Reports suggest that, these particles are traveling in the universe at about 7 times faster than the speed of light. Friends! This collision was so huge that it was immense energy is leaving.

This thing is 7 times faster than light - Jet Traveling 7times Speedoflight!
Cosmic jets breaking the laws of physics. , Credit: Sci-News

This huge amount of energy, beyond our imagination, can also make many impossible tasks possible in the universe. For example, anything can travel faster than the speed of light. Although According to some scientists this may also be an illusion. Because the work it is doing, it can never be possible in the real universe. Apart from this, some scientists have named this illusion “Superluminal Motion” also kept. Friends! Let me tell you that, most of the scientists around the world are looking at this phenomenon only as an illusion and they are not finding it to be true.

Friends! The most important thing is that this illusion is actually much more rare and attractive. Because it is rarely seen in the universe. So, you can say that, all these events are a little new and special for us. Because we have just started knowing about them. Well, let us know about this illusion in detail further.

When and how does this illusion happen? ,

This question must be arising in the minds of many people that, after all, how does this illusion (Jet Traveling 7 times Speed ​​of light) happen in the universe and the biggest thing is why does it happen? So friends, let me tell you that, this phenomenon is possible only when one particle / particle in space travels only around the speed of light. Friends! You will be surprised to know that in this incident ,Particles including jets reach 99.99% of the speed of light are roaming in space at the speed of, Yes! You guys heard it right, this particle is almost in space. “1.07 billion km/h” Traveling at a speed of Shocked to hear this, isn’t it?

Cosmic Jets/ Radiation and Earth.
Earth and Cosmic Jets. , Credit: IAEA.

Friends! We often say that if a particle gets 1/1000th of the speed of light, it is lucky, but here especially in this event, the particle has already achieved 99.99% of the speed of light. So, perhaps this will also become possible when a particle can travel in space at a speed equal to or even faster than the speed of light. Truly friends, everything is possible in space. The more you think about it, the more complex and mysterious it becomes.

Well according to scientists ,cosmic jets(Jet Traveling 7times Speed ​​of light) are born from a powerful collision that happened in 2017. For more information, let me tell you that in 2017 itself, scientists had discovered a very big event in the universe, in which two very big neutron stars had collided with each other. So, scientists have just found the first shockwave produced by this collision.

How was the collision? ,

This great collision made the inner core of both neutron stars so dense that you and I could hardly ever think about it. According to sources, one of the reasons for the collision Sun It was compressed into a sphere the size of a small town. Friends, imagine where the sun and where the size of a small town. By the way, this collision happened about 14 million light years away from Earth. Some scientists also say that the impact of the collision has also been on the space-time fabric of space, due to which many changes are being seen in it.

LIGO Observatory.
LIGO Observatory’s photo. , Credit: Ligo Caltech.

Changes in gravitational waves are also one of the consequences of this collision. Well an interesting thing is that, due to this type of collision, the vibrations in space-time had been detected only in 1916. But it took scientists more than 100 years to find its evidence. met in 2017 “GW17081” Scientists had come to know from a signal named, black hole Apart from this, many destructive events happen in the universe. Apart from this, this signal had already given information to scientists about these particles traveling at the same speed of light (Jet Traveling 7times Speed ​​of light).

We cannot see gravitational waves with our naked eyes, but Large Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO) Through we can catch it easily. Although After the first shock wave from the collision, scientists around the world began to monitor this event with their respective telescopes.

Evidence of collision:

Friends! Due to the constant monitoring of the collision, many scientists saw the jet traveling 7times speed of light coming out of the collision. Which gives a solid proof of this collision. Other than this NASA Like many space agencies around the world have also calculated the real-time speed of jets (Jet Traveling 7 times Speed ​​of light), so that we can get even better information about it.

This thing is 7 times faster than light - Jet Traveling 7times Speedoflight!
From here the waves of those jets are detected. , Credit: LIGO Caltech.

Even before this, scientists have seen things traveling at the speed of light in many different events, but these particles of the jet, there is definitely something special in them.

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