Preparations for Mangalyaan-2 are going on, history will be made soon!


Preparations for Mangalyaan-2 are going on, history will be made soon!

Preparations for Mangalyaan-2 are going on, history will be made soon!

India That if we talk about the field of space science, then you can say that this field is an area full of ambitions for India. Due to indigenous technology and India’s unwavering determination, we have been able to execute many missions. space has been shown to be successful. With very little expense and effort, we have given the world a glimpse of our worth. Mangalyaan-1 (ISRO’s Next Mission To Mars) mission. This is the reason that, today the astronauts of India are living in a lot of discussion for their work all over the world.

Success of Mangalyaan-1. , Credit: The Economic Times.

By the way, for India, the missions related to Mars (ISRO’s Next Mission To Mars) have become even more important, because Mangalyaan-1 After the success of India, now India will once again have to show something different and special. Something that the whole world would be stunned to see. Therefore, now India is also getting ready for its second Mars mission and in the coming time, it will probably be done soon.

So, friends! Today we are going to discuss this upcoming mission only. Therefore, you are requested to read the article till the end.

The connection with Mangalyaan-1 is broken, India is going to start Mangalyaan-2 mission soon! – ISRO’s Next Mission To Mars! ,

A few days ago, news came from ISRO that, our contact with our Mars (ISRO’s Next Mission To Mars) orbiter craft has been lost and it cannot be repaired. So overall it can be said that our Mangalyaan-1 mission has come to an end and it is time to retire it. But let me tell you one special thing, according to the scientists, the Mars Orbiter which had to work in the orbit of Mars for a maximum of 6 months, it kept reducing continuously for 8 years without stopping.

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isro's next mission to mars
The fuel of Mangalyaan-1 ran out. , Credit: NASA.

So here you can imagine yourself that, after all, how advanced is our indigenous technology and the efficiency of our scientists. There was a time when countries around the world refused to give us the technology to make rocket engines and today this is a time when discussions about our work are happening all over the world. By the way, the question must be coming in the minds of people that, how did the Mangalyaan-1 mission end?

So, friends! Let me tell you that, there was a shortage of fuel in our Mars Orbiter. For 8 consecutive years Mars The fuel used to keep the orbiter at the correct altitude was exhausted as it continued to spin around. After this, there have been several long-term solar eclipses recently, due to which the orbiter’s instruments are exposed to the right amount of sun rays. energy Couldn’t even get it. My friends, this is the reason, now our orbiter has stopped working.

Some information about our Mars orbiter! ,

Friends! After working continuously for many years around Mars (ISRO’s Next Mission To Mars), now the life span of our Mars Orbiter is finally over. So in this part of the article, we get to know about this Mars Orbiter in a little short time! Our Mars Orbiter, built at a cost of about Rs 450 crore, was launched in 2013. PSLV-C25 was released into space. Let me tell you that this orbiter was successfully entered into the orbit of Mars later i.e. in the month of September 2014 and started its work.

Mangalyaan 2 - ISRO's Next Mission To Mars.
ISRO’s rocket will be launched. , Credit: DNA India.

Apart from this, you will be surprised to know that Mangalyaan-1 is India’s first ,inter-planetary” mission was solar system The first interplanetary mission. Friends! You will be even more proud to know that; India was the fourth country in the whole world after Russia, America and Europe, which had created history by leaving its spacecraft till Mars. Although This mission of India in the whole of Asia was very much appreciated, because only India was the first to reach this point in the whole of Asia. It was indeed a very successful mission.

This is the reason why China also supported this mission of India ,Asia’s pride as it was accepted. Since its launch, this spacecraft had about 850 kg of fuel and more than 5 instruments to conduct research on Mars. By the way, one of these instruments was also such which gave India many important information about Mars. name of this device “Mars Color Camera (MCC)” was.

Why was the mission important for India? ,

India was already very excited about this mission related to Mars (ISRO’s Next Mission To Mars). Excited because, through this vehicle, India did not have to depend on any other country to know about the climate of Mars for the first time. Apart from this, through Mangalyaan, India was getting many important information related to the characteristics of Mars, information about the minerals present there, its composition and climate.

isro's next mission to mars
India’s Mars Orbiter-2. , Credit: DNA India.

Apart from this, the biggest thing related to the Mangalyaan mission is that in the coming future, we were getting an idea about the technology, different stages and the design of the spacecraft in the missions between the two planets. Friends! To carry out any space mission, we have to work very hard and at the same time we should also plan it in the right way. You can say that all these things were happening simultaneously in the Mangalyaan-1 mission.

Well now in the coming time we are going to execute a new mission on Mars. ,Mangalyaan-2″ The mission itself is now going to be our second mission to Mars. interesting thing is 3

That, it’s going to be an orbiter mission. Which ISRO also wants to launch as soon as possible.

Mangalyaan-2 – Mars Orbiter Mission-2 and other future missions to Mars :-

Mangalyaan-2 (ISRO’s Next Mission To Mars) mission was discussed for the first time in 2019. At first everyone thought that it was going to be a lander mission. But later it was found that this is going to be an orbiter mission. If sources are to be believed, this mission is going to be launched by ISRO in the year 2025. That being said, many state-of-the-art cameras are going to be used in this mission, which will give us a deeper understanding of the “crust” of Mars. Although ISRO is going to do another mission after this mission on Mars.

Mangalyaan 2 - ISRO's Next Mission To Mars.
India is making payload of Mars Orbiter-2. , Credit: Shiksha.

Scientists are saying that, after the orbiter mission to Mars, they are also going to do a soft-landing mission over Mars by 2030. Friends! Let me tell you that this mission of soft-landing of Mars will be an extension of Mars-Orbiter Mission. So you can say that ISRO has put a lot of thought into Mars.

One interesting thing is that, “Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology” The payload is definitely being prepared for the next mission to Mars. For more information, let me tell you that the weight of this pay-load is going to be around 100 kg, in which many important equipments are going to live.


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