See the real power of the most powerful thing in the universe


See the real power of the most powerful thing in the universe

See the real power of the most powerful thing in the universe

Our universe continues to amaze us, the billions of stars, planets, galaxies present in it, Nebula) and black holes remain an enigma for scientists. Every star burns with infinite energy inside itself, so every planet revolves around the same star. large group of galaxies Galaxy Cluster And black holes keep releasing unlimited energy into the universe, they have so much power that you seem very difficult to understand. But to make this difficulty simple, this article is for you, in this article you will know the power of the mighty bodies of the universe for the first time, you will see this power on a human scale, which will make it easier for you to understand a scale of their infinite power. . So let’s start with the sun first.

How to measure power?

Scientists measure power in watts, the power of every machine and human in the whole world is measured in this unit. In simple words, power is actually another unit of energy. In this, we measure how many joules of energy is being spent in doing work every second, which is written in watts, then 1 watt of power is actually equivalent to using 1 joule of energy in 1 second.

Whatever work you do, the amount of power (Power Scale In Hindi) is measured in watts, from the light of the smartphone to the power of your home and power station, you always read in watts unit only. If your valve is of 5 watts, then every second is using 5 joules of energy and giving you light. In the same way everything works in the universe itself, the amount of energy released by a star, supernova and gamma ray every second is called its power i.e. strength and power.

Power Of Sun – Power Of Sun

near 30 W Your brain works on power, our brain keeps us active only by consuming 30 joules of energy every second, while it is 2 times more. 60 W A light bulb has power, it glows at this power. Now-a-days is the era of LED, so we get LED of so many watts which emits many times more light than a bulb.

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100 W but our Metabolism Works, when we are at rest, our body keeps on doing many things along with maintaining the temperature, for this it spends 100 joules of energy every second, which goes 100 Watts In a way, your body continues to release 100 times the energy every second from the LED light of your smartphone. To maintain this energy and power consumption, we feel hungry only then our metabolism keeps working.

Sun’s power in every corner of Earth’s orbit

Now say 7.5 times more than this 745 W to one Horsepower It is said that this is also the unit of power, which mostly reflects the working power of engines and motors. A horsepower is actually the power it takes to lift 250 kg of weight by 1 foot in 1 second. Most of the companies show the power of their engine by this unit, the higher the horsepower, the more powerful the engine and motor. 1 horsepower and say more than 750 watts, that is, twice the power 1400 watts Earth’s orbit is received by the Sun, on every meter part of this orbit you get 1400 watts It will be received by the Sun, which tells how powerful the Sun really is, despite being 150 million km away.

10 thousand times the power of the entire human race in one second

20 TERAWATTS (2,00,00,00,00,00,000 W) The power consumption of the entire human race in the year 2019 was. At the same time, the Earth receives 10 thousand times more power from the Sun every second. 15 crore km away Sun 12,742 km diameter Earth only has its own 0.000000045% It only gives power, but this power is also 10 thousand times more than the consumption of the entire human race in one year.

Simply put, every second the Sun gives 174 Petajoules of energy to the Earth, which is 41 Megaton TNT It is equivalent to a bomb. This bomb is 2500 times stronger than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, from this you can estimate the infinite power of the Sun.

cosmos facts in hindi

If we talk about the full power of the Sun, then when it shines, it emits 3.84 × 10^26 W power, that is, the luminosity of the Sun is so much Watts that it can burn about 600 trillion bulbs of 60 W with its power. Is. But there are more stars in the universe than the Sun.

stars stronger than the sun

1 lakh 60 thousand from earth light year Present in the distant Tarantula Nebula R136a1 The star which is the brightest and to say luminous star ever discovered. It is 47 million times brighter than the Sun, and its power output 3*10^33 (3,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,000) Watts, it releases as much energy every second as our Sun is able to do in three months. same energy every second Type 3 Civilization Will be using in future which blows my mind too.

Power of Quasars

But one million times brighter than this star Quasar (“Quasar”) Due to the huge in size and black hole, it forms a disk of matter which is called accretion disk. This disk itself becomes so bright in the universe that it can be seen even from a telescope 13 billion light years away. If we talk about its power (Power Scale In Hindi) output, then it generates more power than 20 trillion suns.

Quasar Photo In Space.
Photo of Quasar Credit: ESA

Power of Gamma Ray Burst

At the same time, 1 thousand times more power is in a gamma ray verst, about 3 × 10^42 W A simple gamma ray burst is 1 trillion trillion times brighter than the Sun for its luminosity. It also reverses the brightness of many galaxies. when a giant star supernova explosion one by one neutron star And black hole If it changes, then we see that powerful Gamma Ray in the universe. In a single second, it releases the energy of trillions of suns into the universe. But you can get even more power in black holes and gravitational waves.

Gamma Ray Burst
Gamma Ray Burst

Power Of Black Holes and Gravitational Waves

Although it takes a long time for black holes to disappear, but any black hole that is millions of times less than your mass and immediately Hawking Radiation If it ends, it will end only by releasing 10 thousand times more power than a gamma ray explosion. With this you can understand the power of black holes, giant black holes in the universe end after going in many billions of trillions of years, so we can not measure their power properly, but when these black holes collide with each other and their collision Due to which the movement in the universe and a wave of gravity is created, its power is the highest measured power till date.

The secret of the light coming from behind the black hole!  - Light Behind A Black Hole.
Photo of Coronal Plasma | Credit: Wikipedia.

in the year 2015 LIGO When for the first time a gravitational web was detected and calculated its power, all the scientists were surprised, Karbi 3.6 × 10^49 W That is, behind 3, there was 49 zero watts of power (Power Scale In Hindi) in these webs, which was born due to the collision of only two black holes which were 40 and 30 times heavier than the Sun. Imagine, when two supermassive black holes whose mass is as much as billions of suns collide, then how much power and energy will be released, we may not even be able to imagine it, this shows that we have no special identity in the universe. It is very small in front of us, we can hardly understand its size and power.

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