The result of the “Chernobyl” accident is still being seen today!


The result of the “Chernobyl” accident is still being seen today!

The result of the “Chernobyl” accident is still being seen today!

How strange is a human being, for his selfishness, he does not give this to anyone. Earth But will not live nor will try to save nature! science And due to technology, today humans have a rule over the whole world and in the coming time, perhaps this universe It will show its supremacy in other places as well. Well, as much as science has given to us, perhaps it has also taken from us. That is to say, chernobyl (Chernobyl Black Frog Evolution) and fukushima Like, the reason for dangerous accidents is probably due to not being able to control science properly or using it carelessly.

Researchers studied more than 200 frogs and found that about half had developed dark skin. (Image credit: tk)

Time and again nuclear accidents like Chernobyl Black Frog Evolution remain in the headlines because the consequences of all these accidents are still visible to us today. Nuclear accidents are also dangerous because their consequences are not permanent for a moment, but are seen for centuries and sometimes even thousands of years. Due to the atomic bomb that fell in Japan about 7 decades ago, people are still born with disabilities there and probably will continue to be in the coming times. So you can understand how deadly nuclear accidents can be.

Friends! In today’s article, we will discuss about the result created by one such nuclear accident, which still amazes and compels scientists to think. So, let us now start with the main topic of the article.

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The painful consequences of the accident are still seen in Chernobyl! – Chernobyl Black Frog Evolution! ,

26 April, 1986 This was the day when the biggest nuclear accident of that time happened at the Chernobyl Black Frog Evolution Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine. At that time, due to the accident, the senses of the whole world were blown away, because never before this accident had such a big nuclear accident happened anywhere. Well, it has been more than 36 years since the accident, but even today you can see its painful consequences with your own eyes.

CHERNOBYL, UKRAINE, USSR - MAY 1986: Chernobyl nuclear power plant a few weeks after the disaster.  Chernobyl, Ukraine, USSR, May 1986. (Photo by Igor Kostin/Laski Diffusion/Getty Images)
Chernobyl’s photo. , Credit: Live Science.

The Chernobyl power plant at the time of the accident Reactor No. 4 emanating from radioactive The amount of material was such that hardly anyone could even think about it in their dreams. Due to such a tremendous amount of radiation, there was a lot of damage to the environment and human civilization there. Although Today, this place has become Europe’s largest natural reserve area and is home to a variety of wild animals like bears, wolves and wildcats. By the way, due to heavy radiation, the natural genetic material of organisms has changed a lot due to mutation and many strange things are also being seen due to this.

Well one thing is making scientists very suspicious and that is, ,Has any organism been able to live in such high radiation places of Chernobyl and match that environment? Really this question is very cool and thought provoking! Because, perhaps this is such a topic, which can be very important for us in the coming time.

Skin “Melanin” and Radiation! ,

In this high radiation area of ​​Chernobyl (Chernobyl Black Frog Evolution), if any factor is most important, it’s probably ,Melanin”, It is possible A team of scientists is researching this melanin in Chernobyl and they have discovered some very interesting things. In fact, this team of scientists went near the accident site and started researching the organisms. Then he saw a species of frog, which was quite unique. attention of scientists ,Eastern Tree Frog” ,Hyla conceptualis, that went over one species. Attention because, the frog of that species is green in colour.

Inside Of Chernobyl Reactor.
The atmosphere inside Chernobyl! , Credit: Atlas Obscura.

But in high-radiation areas such as Chernobyl, the color of this frog has become slightly black, not completely green. Let me tell you that the radiation has left a black tint on this green colored frog, due to which this species of frog has become very different. According to scientists, this black tint on frogs is due to the melanin present in their skin. According to him, melanin is fighting the external radiation present there by living in the skin. It also helps in essential metabolic processes taking place inside the cells.

Well, these frogs were seen for the first time in 2016, and soon after that, from 2017 to 2019, scientists monitored these creatures living in high radiation of Chernobyl very well. Within these three years, scientists examined more than 200 male frogs and found that the lower parts of the frogs had more melanin.

What did the research reveal? ,

The skin color is generally found to be thick in this species of frog, but the skin color of frogs living inside the control zone (the area to be researched) was not as thick as it should be. From above, the black tint on their skin was also making them different from other frogs. By the way, it is rare to find such incidents and strange creatures near Chernobyl Black Frog Evolution. Because it is very difficult for any living creature to survive for so many years in such high radiation.

A colored gradient shows how frogs at Chernobyl have adapted to radiation, having evolved to have darker skin. (Image credit: German Orizola and Pablo Buraco)

Some scientists also believe that there has been a very rapid evolution inside these frogs of Chernobyl, which has taught them to face the danger of radiation firmly. During the accident itself, the process of evolution had started inside these frogs and it is going on even today. Now most of the frogs of their species are changing from green to black. Apart from this, scientists also found that black colored frogs are able to reproduce much better.

Friends! survival of any one particular species in a very dangerous area like Chernobyl, directly ,“Natural Selection” It reflects. That is to say, nature itself has chosen this species of frogs to live in the rugged area of ​​Chernobyl. That’s why scientists are also getting very attracted towards them.

Conclusion – Conclusion :-

In the end, all it can be said that this research done in Chernobyl (Chernobyl Black Frog Evolution) has put a different thing in front of us. Because we humans are also full of melanin, and if a species of frog could live in a high-radiation area like Chernobyl, then humans might not be as affected by radiation as we imagine today. However, all these are just theory, what will happen in practical, we may come to know later.

Chernobyl's Frog!  - Chernobyl Black Frog Evolution
Today’s Chernobyl! ,

But one thing is certain that, if scientists understand the relationship between melanin and radiation well, then we humans can be of great benefit from it. Because by this perhaps we can get to know more about the diseases caused by radiation to humans and perhaps we can also treat those diseases in a better way with these information. So, yes! This is a very important and unique research for us.

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